Blood on the bed

And you scratched and you pushed
and my protests were shushed

You said not a word nor acknowledged my pain,
for only your pleasure you sought to gain

And who was I, to make a complaint?
And why should I object or delay?

I played dead and I lay still and I prayed desperately that I were ill

For I simply couldn't conceive it, this must be the result of a brutish fever?

Heavy your body and heavy my head, and heavy still the blood on the bed

The blood on the bed

The blood on the bed, you contested your part
It was all my fault, I was falling apart

Yes i was, but I stayed quiet
My eyes stared calm, though my mind was a riot

I say I chose but I had no choice
I had no fight and I had no voice

Forever more will I bear the truth but I trust in karma to punish you

No harm done, to you it seems
the hurt you caused you will never see

Heavy the subject and heavy your breath, heavy the noise in my head

You may forget but I'll always remember, the time you spilled my blood on the bed.


  • TN96

    Those that thrive from the pain of others,
    May burn in the knowledge of the disappointment of their mothers.

    • BlueDays

      Love that!

    • WL Schuett

      Good to write out the pain , good poem but sad

      • BlueDays

        Thank you, I agree. My writing often comes out of personal experience, it\'s there in my head, all a jumble and to write helps me make sense of it. It may be a shame that sadness is often the catalyst for creativity but I find it helps and enjoy reading everyone else's perspectives and journies too

      • Accidental Poet

        I can see that someone has betrayed you, and you so purposely put them in their place. Excellent write. ; )

        • BlueDays

          Thank you Accidental Poet, that means a lot 😊

          • Accidental Poet

            You're very welcome. ; )

          • FredPeyer

            I was filled with sadness after reading your excellent poem, BlueDays. I do hope that writing it out did help maybe a tiny little bit, but also know that the pain, while diminished, will not go away. You say your protests were shushed, you had no choice, no fight, and no voice, so it happened against your will. That is called 'rape'.

            • BlueDays

              Hey Fred, thanks again for your comments they are always appreciated.
              I\\\'m sorry you felt sad after reading this, it is an emotional piece. Mostly everything I write comes from a biographical stand point and It does quite obviously discuss a very personal and \\\"heavy\\\" subject, something that was too heavy for me to deal with in real terms. It was already an awful time and I just Couldnt bring it to justice in the conventional way and until late couldn\\\'t bring myself to think about it consciously so I have accepted that I am dealing with it in my own way. Though it plays on my mind frequently, this is a way of expressing myself and lifting a little of the weight by acknowledging what happened.
              I was nervous about posting this poem but I am grateful for the reception it has had and for the sensitive comments also.

            • sue.evans

              Wow - such pain and hurt in your words - very well put.

              • BlueDays

                Really appreciate that Sue thank you

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