The War of Fulfilment

Within every being a black hole resides,

Defiant it remains 'till the end of ones time,

Harmony with the hole provides an invigorating life,

But to delve into the hole only increases its size,

For within ones hole lurks anguish and pain,

Longing to leech off what happiness remains,


Now the cure is quite simple,

One must truly decide,

To focus not on the hole, 

But on its outside, 


Where anything is possible and the future is bright,

As to break the grasp of the hole invites only the light. 


  • BlueDays

    Perfect title. Loved it

  • poetboy5454

    A brilliant weaved masterpiece!

  • FredPeyer

    Very well written, great meaning, a beautiful and thought provoking poem! Kudos!

  • myself and me

    "Now the cure is quite simple,
    One must truly decide,
    To focus not on the hole,
    But on its outside, "
    Thank you for this cure. I really need it now.
    Nice poem.

    • TN96

      Thankyou! I hope the words bring some relief

    • TN96

      And thankyou to everyone else! The welcome I have had to this site is heartwarming, I'm really beginning to enjoy doing these! I have been playing around with a few different ideas and themes, I will be sure to upload them soon.

    • orchidee

      Hmm, bit like digging a pit, while we're still in the pit?! I suppose we can all do that at times.

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