Poetic Lambchop

To those who see "The People who aren't there"! Choices.

In life today the attached may say or rather do believe.

That there are many people who are present but clearly not there.

To plagerise a poem I heard once when was young.

About the man with no face who was walking down the stair.

These conspirisits of modern times say they fight against control.

For me their point of view translates to coersion v remote braindead payroll.

They fantasies about the spies and pending alien invasion.

They save every penny they can eat and reinforce meanful persuasion.

The point I make is that they miss when showing those not there.

When in reality which I perceive the people we don't see.

Are the poor n old, the sick, infirm, the real pains generally.

Do you get my drift, my point of view or would you still prefer.

To make believe and fantasise conviently about the people who aren't there.



  • Poetic Lambchop

    Absolute disgust for these things: They are the tyranny of beauty, peace and humanity itself. With respect Lamp.

  • poetboy5454

    Personally I dislike Friedman, but I liked this poem and that quote.

  • Poetic Lambchop

    Hi many thanks for you comments. I'm not a Friedman fan either, his name is down out of respect to his quote. I wrote this out of frustration at the interest shown in everything used as a distraction. Respect and happiness to you. Lamp.

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