Sex Starved

Eros Eros
You've left me starving
Parched and yearning
You black hearted beast 
You meant it too
I bet you're hard in your seat
My unrest, your pleasure
My undoing, your game
I curse thee Eros!


  • WL Schuett

    Cool poem , I feel for you, hope he shoots an arrow for you soon ...

    • BlueDays

      Thanks WL.
      Gosh, there are worse things!
      I imagined Eros and Cupid sitting next to each other having a good old laugh when i wrote this which made me laugh too! Naughty Eros.

      • WL Schuett

        Good to hear lol

      • TN96

        Haha, I love this! Straight to the point, yet each time I read it I see it from a different angle

        • BlueDays

          Hey TN96, thank you for your lovely feedback! I'd love to hear about the different angles you found?

        • FredPeyer

          Very nice write, BlueDays! Unusual and imaginative angle, I do like it!

        • malubotelho

          Interesting writing. Well done. Never read anything similar before.

        • BlueDays

          I'm really chuffed with these comments, thank you everyone I'm glad you enjoyed it.

        • dusk arising

          Eros the black hearted beast ....thats a first! Don't get too hungry for love or you might begin to be frightenng. Anyway, a great piece of writing! Please comment on my stuff.

          • BlueDays

            Thank you dusk arising, it was of course not meant literally.
            I will be sure to read more of your poems and leave feedback 😊

          • TN96

            Sure thing BlueDays, although I guessed it was mythology related, It didn't click for me at first that Eros was the Greek god of sexual attraction. So I sort of read it as if he were a tyrannical, omnipotent god getting off on messing with people's lives. Which I guess is somewhat true in the poem, but it took me a few reads to realise what it really meant ;) haha

          • sue.evans

            Loved the naughtiness hinted at in this 😊

            • BlueDays

              Hehe me too!!

            • Egyptianqt79


              • BlueDays

                Awesome, Thank you 😊

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