Guess the Character

The Victorian era was one of shock, horror and gore,

But was the world of a man who saw much much more,

In the city of London lived a vigilante of sorts,

Born with sociopathic behaviour,

Cocaine did he snort,

But his mind was emphatic,

His madness sublime,

It appeared to the world he could solve any crime,

Thieves and murderers alike were destroyed in their prime,

As the man was a legend,

But one enslaved by desire,

For the love of one woman,

The only one he admired,

Alas, to the crack house he goes, when the work load is low,

As his brilliance is unfortunately the match for his fire. 



  • Accidental Poet

    Spring-heeled Jack.

    • TN96

      Nope! Although fairly plausible! I forgot about him

      • Accidental Poet

        Well, just a shot in the dark. ; )

      • orchidee

        Conan Doyle / Sherlock Holmes? He had some weird things, I think.

      • TN96

        Hood and orchidee, both correct! I got an audio book containing every single book on a trial with Audible for free a while back. Still working through them

        • Accidental Poet

          And I thought of Sherlock Holmes too, but I kept searching for other possible answers. Kudos to orchidee and Hood. ; )

        • dusk arising

          Had to be sherlock. Aaaah tiz quiz nite - evenings draw in and sundays are for huddling around a good quiz - or not. Nice writing. Please comment on my stuff.

        • MaddieJ

          Really enjoyed reading this! I love poems about characters! Good write!

          • TN96

            Thankyou! Me to virago, I have spent longer than I would like to admit trying to crack poems like this one, I fear mine may have been a little easy! I will probably try writing more in the future.

            • MaddieJ

              You're welcome! Looking forward to more!

            • orchidee

              Is it Sherlock, or Conan Doyle, that's the answer?

              • TN96


              • FredPeyer

                Wasn't sure, but did think of Sherlock Holmes. Brilliantly written, TN!

                • TN96

                  Thankyou Fred :)

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