Loyal Until the End

In the summer of '99 a queen was born,

Her fur was long and her spirit was bold,

Destined to live and die guarding her home,

At the meer age of 3 her parents decided to leave, 

Enthrusting a new house upon her,

But a house ain't always a home,

So away she roamed,

Back to her humble abode alone,

As the millennium rose a new family entered her home,

And warmed to her ever so quickly,

She guarded her post,

And offered relentless support,

Whenever anyone in her palace was sickly,


15 more years came along,

The old girl remained strong,

Guarding her castle from harm, 

With pride she resides,

Next to her companion she lies,

No longer the frail little boy that once moved into her home,

But alas the day came along where she could frolick her gardens no longer,

As she went off for one final venture,

A week went by until we found her reside,

At peace in the grounds she once kept,

Now she's asleep safe and sound,

With a stone above her stood proud,

In the garden where long ago we did meet,


Here she shall stay,

Till long after the day,

We pack up our bags and move on,

A long happy life,

For 18 years filled with love she did thrive,

Loyal to her home till the end.

❤️ Rest in peace Cleo ❤️





  • Seek

    I can relate to this, being a cat freak myself. You write of your queen with such affection!

    • TN96

      Thankyou Seek! Had her pretty much my whole life so it seemed fitting to write a proper send off.

    • orchidee

      Aww they do stay loyal. Dogs too! We had a semi-adopted neighbours cat recently. Lived with us almost during the past 10 years or so.

    • FredPeyer

      A very nice and moving poem. Well done, TN

    • poetboy5454

      Terrific ode and very moving.

    • Accidental Poet

      Rest in peace Cleo. For again you'll be with your human family.

      Beautifully written. ; )

    • TN96

      Thankyou everyone for your kind words

    • MaddieJ

      I had a guinea pig named Bubba who was my best friend and saw me through rough times. I wrote a tribute poem for him when he passed as well.. I think they do deserve a proper send off! Good write. You did Cleo proud!

      • TN96


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