Like a predatory Beast it comes for me making me someone I would never be 

Crimson honey drips from my tongue it's claws digging in now I've nowhere to run 

Now the fever overtakes me as she falls prey to my lies unwittingly she invites me to move between her thighs 

Passion overtakes us we begin to convulse as one she gives in to her exhaustion and now we are done 

Like a thief with his treasure I then slip away what demon inside me has made me this way 

I eye my reflection and exclaime '' I won't do this again"! "I'll be a better man, I refuse to give in"!

Then she walks by and the Beast turns and grins I am then lost to his power as the next hunt begins 


  • Mugsdaddy

    Thanks Kat your words always make me smile.

  • BlueDays

    I believe love and lust are powerful, even primal emotions, I do think they can make us act impulsively and out of character

    • Mugsdaddy

      That is so true but unfortunately in my youth I used it like a weapon satisfying my wants by preying on women's emotional needs. I look back now and see myself as a monster.

      • BlueDays

        It\'s good you can acknowledge it and be honest! A monster wouldn't be so remorseful. Very strong and refreshing, it reflects in your poem.
        We were all very different people in youth I\'m sure.

      • Seek

        Who among men and women have not succumbed to the calling of Lady or Mr. Lust? And at the time, not thoroughly enjoyed the indulgence, if it was one of mutual consent? You describe lust and the power it has over us so well.

        • Mugsdaddy

          Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it. Both the poem and the experience. Lol

        • lanaevans

          Run for your life next time.

          • Mugsdaddy

            LMAO I'm getting to old to run and to old for a next time. But thanks for the sound advice.

          • sue.evans

            Very powerful write - thank you 😊

            • Mugsdaddy

              Thanks to you also. BTW was that cake good. Makes me want cake...

            • Mugsdaddy

              Thank you so much I value your opinion I had a dream and when I awoke I had to write this but I believe your piece Midnight Freak had some influence on it as I read it several times yesterday.
              Thankfull Yours,

            • Candlewitch

              dear Mugsdaddy,

              WOW!!! a natural desire (for most) written with such color and passion. the dark side of me loves this poem!!!

              *hugs, Cat

              • Mugsdaddy

                Thank you. Hug that kitty again.

              • John Prophet

                We are all victims of our genetic coding to procreate. Our two strongest instincts self preservation and procreation. Our civilization today is ruled by them. Sex and violence. Great reflection on our plight.

                • Mugsdaddy

                  It doesn't help that society starts shoving sex down the throats of our children by the time they turn five.

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