A Real Man!

A real man will always stand by your side.

A real man takes care of his wife and child.

A real man will help his woman when she

needs it, this is always the agreement

between two people inlove, and a real 

man is what I thought he was.

A real man will not be afraid or cave,

when it comes to standing up for

the woman he calls wife, nor let even 

 their child fall.

A real man would never raise a hand,

or fist at his woman or his child.

A real man loves his wife and child


A real man is not pushed around by his friends,

and family.

A real man does not and will not put his woman,

and child down.

A real man will step up to the plate and appreciate,

the things she says and does just to prove her love

is pure and true.

A real man does not tell lies or stay out to late,

when his family is waiting at home for him to


A real man will comfort his woman when others

make her cry.

A real man will take a stand for what is right, no

matter how hard it is to shine that light, and willing 

to walk away from poisoness people and things,

who act like slithering snakes.

A real man will not place all of the blame, when 

he too was going just as insane.

A real man would choose his wife and kids over 

fun and games, unless they are all taking the time

to play as a family, don't need no big 


A real man does not see his woman as a prize,

showing her off and placing her on a pedestal, 

only to turn around, and put her down, when she 

had done nothing but stood by his side, while

he cries out his own pain and tortures upon her

shoulders, confessing his love and asking to begin

again, only to turn around and make her cry 

leaving her behind to die.

A real man stands up for his family, ready 

and willing to face reality, knowing the world

is cruel, refusing to play the fool.

A real man knows what he wants and doesn't 

continuously, change his mind unless he has

gone blind. Denying the realities, only wanting

to live in his fantasies.

A real man shows his pride, not by showing 

off his family like prizes, and trophies, but instead

standing by his wife and kid's sides. But instead 

he rather walk away and tells lies.

A real man knows how to provide, for his family,

working hard no matter the miseries he sometimes

feels, over useless arguments and fights, he still

will do what he knows is really right.

A real man will admit his faults and wrongs,

because that is a real man being strong,

wanting to be around his wife and child

all day long.




  • lanaevans

    This is a great poem and I'm glad that you have a real man now!

    • DreamersReality

      Thank you Ianaevans, for your kind words, yes I am very happy to of finally found my soul-mate after searching for so long, I never realized he had been right infront of me the entire time. My children and him are my everythings, my entire life are them, and I could not have asked for better!

    • Accidental Poet

      An honest man's code of honor. I love it. ; )

      • DreamersReality

        Thank you so kindly Accidental Poet, I appreciate your comment and look forward to also reading some of your work as well, I hope you have a very wonderful day. I do also hope that this poem will inspire others. Blessed Be, and keep your spirit soaring free.

        • Accidental Poet

          My work here at MPS is an open book, read as you wish DR. Hope your day is wonderful too. ; )

        • Poetic Dan

          Very true, I could feel the pain of being let down so strongly and know so well.
          Thank you for this heartache of a writing and so deeply relieved that you kept going, there are a few of us out there 😉

          • DreamersReality

            Yes it is True that I went through a lot of heart ache, to get to where I am today, but as the song says God Blessed The Broken Road, that led me straight to the love of my life, all those trials and tribulations I went through, those boys were northern stars pointing me down my path, even when I got lost, Freya found me and brought me herself back to God, mother nature has been there for me even in my childhood, and have yet blessed me again, with a happier life, and a very open mind.

            • Poetic Dan

              Wonderful response.

              I go with the saying lately that the way is paved by the brave not knowing the way.

            • Seek

              Indeed, real men do not hide behind walls of denial, among the many qualities you articulate. Thank you for sharing!

              • DreamersReality

                Thank you kindly for your comment Seek, I do hope that it inspires the younger men of the next generation to push to be a real man, not little boys playing pretend. Through all my life's experiences, I have found, all those people did was make me more aware and stronger, strong enough to handle love in it's purest form. So by continuing pushing on and fighting my way through I was able to find the light once again, and that is when these poems began.

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