Summer Dreams

Crush the velvet, smooth the silk
In soothing lavender and dusky pink
Pick the daisy, weave the chain
In loops and circles again and again


Crush the lavender, brush the pink
Into soft surrender slowly sink
Pluck the violet amidst clement air
Place it gently in your lovers hair


Preserve the violet, press the daisy
Reminiscing memories warm and hazy
Honeyed secrets cherished fondly
Summer dreams sleep deep and soundly



  • BlueDays

    Does anyone else have difficulty when formatting their poems? They never seem to come out in the way they are shown on the preview page?

  • FredPeyer

    Blue Days, no matter how they are formatted, your poems are beautiful!

    • BlueDays

      Aww Fred, what a lovely comment to start my day, thank you! 😊

    • Accidental Poet

      Sometime I see the font gets messed up, but in my latest poem, I was able to fix it by going back in to edit the part of font that needed it. Beautiful poem BluDays. ; )

      • BlueDays

        Thanks AP! Mmm yes I do edit (quite a lot!) I am a fiddler. It\'s the lay out I have trouble with. Maybe because I am only on my phone, I don't have a laptop or computer etc. Hey ho, as long as it makes sense!

        • Accidental Poet

          It looked normal to me. Loved reading it. ; )

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        • WL Schuett

          I am lost also trying to set up my poems lol this poem is well done very poetic and lovely

          • BlueDays

            Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one!
            And thank you for your lovely comment, I enjoyed writing this one a lot 😊

            • WL Schuett

              It shows

            • Candlewitch

              beautiful poem, BlueDays! I have trouble with keeping my poems aligned...they usually come out centered! so I have to go back in and highlight my poem and then align left. it is very annoying! again, great poem...I loved it!

              *hugs, Cat

              • BlueDays

                mm rather I'll have a play around with the next one see if I can figure it! But what matters is you enjoyed it and I'm very grateful, thanks Cat 😊

              • sue.evans

                Beautiful and gorgeous- I great sigh of contentment on reading this😊

                • BlueDays

                  That's exactly how I felt writing it. Summer dreams. Ahhhh big sigh ☺️ Thanks Sue

                • WriteBeLight

                  I copy to my clipboard my poem from a word document. Then I click on the icon for centered an paste my poem into the dialog box. The fond comes up the same for me each time. And, your poem is excellent!!

                  • BlueDays

                    I only have my phone, I wrote my poems in the note app already on my phone and copy and paste it from there, then format it. Maybe because it doesn't come from word, the two formats don't match up?
                    And thank you WBL, glad you enjoyed it 😊

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Could be. I was unable to do that on my Iphone, so I stick to my laptop. I will try to see if I can look up some ways and if I find them I will pass them on.

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                    • Egyptianqt79

                      I love your style you are amazing !!!!

                      • BlueDays

                        What a compliment, thanks so much.

                      • myself and me

                        Closed my eye, I could smell the delicate fragrance of lavender. Such a luxury summer dream.
                        I am intoxicated in your poem.

                        • BlueDays

                          Beatiful feedback thank you so much M&M,

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