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Love’s Eternal Torch

 Love's Eternal Torch


September 6, 1967

The first day of school

In the fifth grade

I learned of love’s golden rule


I was ten years old

When love first found me

And now it’s 2017

Still my heart she owns endlessly


An Earthbound angel is she

She who captured my lonely heart

One look was all it took

The love of my life from the start


The impression on my heart

With her smile Sharon made

Would last a lifetime

Never ever to fade


Yes, there were other loves

Each special in their own light

But in comparison to Sharon

Nowhere near as bright


My greatest aspiration

To be the fire in her heart

For true love to bond us

To bask in Heaven’s own art


But it was not to be

Fate had other plans

My heart’s desire moved away

Leaving me with empty hands


In the background of her life

I shall be content

50 years’ worth of “I love yous”

And every one I sincerely meant


Love that will not die

How silently it sleeps

Hibernating until one day

Compounding the wealth it keeps


How much I loved her then

Miniscule next to today

The question haunting me

If she knew what she’d say?


Would she stare in disbelief?

Comprehend how long it’s been

Would she smile that smile

To enflame my heart again


Same as everyday

She sets my heart on fire

Only you Sharon can push

The limits of my desire


Love’s eternal torch

I’ll carry as a soldier of love

With Sharon’s smile

In the core of my heart there of


Now it’s been fifty years

Since that very first day

I told her I’d always love her

And still it’s true today


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2017



  • Fay Slimm.

    A heart-rending story of love' lasting flame - - a sad but beautiful read.

    • Accidental Poet

      Thanks Fay. I don't see it as sad. I view the whole experience as a gift that few people ever get. Yes, I wish she was here physically with me. But her family was called away back in 1971 while we were both about 14 years old. Right from the beginning I never expected anything to happen between us. So I guess you could say I never felt let down or rejected by her. And I was left with the wonderful memory of her smile and pretty face. I had no idea then that I'd be writing poetry for her now 50 years later. Seriously, the joy was mine to have had her in my life for the few short years that I did and the love for her that has lasted so long. Thanks for reading and your comment Fay. ; )

    • Alf W

      This is such a heartfelt and beautiful poem. I entered right into your heart as I was reading and felt your words so deep. Thank you.

      • Accidental Poet

        Thank you Alf, I appreciate your reading and compliment. ; )

      • orchidee

        A fine write AP. The copy and paste of the You Tube links, and 'right-clicking' with the mouse. can be a bit tricky. Then again, I never seen a clicking mouse for real! Has it a wooden leg? heehee.

        • Accidental Poet

          Wooden leg and a wire tail. ; ) Thanks orchidee.

        • WL Schuett

          Fine write sorta sad if only she knew

          • Accidental Poet

            To me it's never been sad, just a blessing. Thanks for reading WL. ; )

          • Michael Edwards

            Beautifully written - in 1967 my wife and I had been married for 3 years and our first child was born - still deeply in love - wish I'd written this for my wife - brill write.

            • Accidental Poet

              Show it to her and tell her it reminded you of her. Thanks Michael. ; )

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks AP - I'll do just that.

              • Tony36

                Well written and expressed

              • myself and me

                Your poem make her the happiest woman in this world.
                You are a true soldier of love.
                Beautiful poem. Enjoy it.

              • Christina8

                Absolutely beautifully written account of a love story that never was meant to be, in the physical sense but I can see that she is still very much in your heart. A wonderful read!!

                • Accidental Poet

                  What keeps haunting me is, there must be a reason why this love has been bestowed upon me? All I can figure is it must be a life lesson I needed to learn. And learn it well I have. Thanks for reading and your compliment Christina. ; )

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