There's a man who seems to be damned.

His words come from a far off land.

Dark songs are his game.

We  love him all the same.

Hopefully he doesn't cut off his hand!!


  • Michael Edwards

    I am sure dear old Hoodikins will love this - well done James


      I hope so. I had a dirty one in my head, but I'll save that one for the pub.

      Thanks Mikey,

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • LAWLESS

        Thanks Tony.

        • Tony36


        • FredPeyer

          Good one, James!

          • LAWLESS

            Thanks Freddy.

          • WriteBeLight

            Whooo, sharp ending! :)

          • LAWLESS

            I hope he doesn't have anything sharp!

            Thanks Writebe

          • dusk arising

            As i sit through another all-nighter
            i read of this serious blighter
            a certain bright spark
            who's writings are dark
            could be one day will write something lighter

            hahaha just kidding

            • LAWLESS

              Good one!

            • LAWLESS

              Cool you got!! Especially the far off land thing, it having 2 meanings.
              As far as being exposed, you did it to yourself man. Everyone knows you're a dark dude.
              I'm so pleased you got a kick out of it. Can't wait till you return the favor(or favour?) even use my favorite muse, God for God's sake.

              Damaged Soul? Fu.........!!

              • LAWLESS

                Stepped out for some smokes and a pint of Sam Smith's Porter.
                You are an angel sometimes, I wouldn't know for sure unless you were here to share the pint with me.
                Don't hold back on anything you write about me, I'm a big boy now, not that kid on the playground getting his ass handed to him!

                Cheers mate,

                Oh yeah, Santita recommended that we write a S&M poem together. Kinky Chick!

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