Losing The Crowd

Today I laid in bed
For 3 hours straight
Made a youtube mix
In my head
Of all the indie songs
Id play if I deejayd
In the downtown bar
All the cool kids would dance
To my taste in song
Id be a friday night god
To all these 18 year olds
Who'd never before heard
Of warren zevon??
My shits fucked up..
Ok maybe not..
I'm losing the crowd
Now to get them back
I'll play some kings of leon
This sex is on fire
Well maybe its thrush
How the mind wonders
As the kids sing along
Got to keep them dancing
Keep this crowd on my side
Hit em in the ears
With some mr brightside
who would've known
A song about being cuckolded
Could bring such delight
Mix in some green onions
It's northern soul time
A generation gap
Closed under disco lights
Time to slow it down
Its the end of the night
The barmaid brings me a drink
And rubs my inner thigh...
Wifi connection lost
I open my eyes
I rise from my bed
A rush of blood hits my head
Damn that was such a good night
for a night inside my mind
How else does one pass the time as the daylight passes by.

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