Pirate's Dungeon

Saugus, Massachusetts - 1658


Twilight skims a copper streak

across the river’s end

and Sun runs down that rusty creek

chased by shadows that portend.


Hidden in the nighttime’s gloom

running black against the sky

satanic ship of evil looms.

No ensign does she fly.


Fear of Ned Low’s ruthless heart

as Death drops anchor in their midst;

The iron-folk in terror start

to forge this word across their lips.




Saugus harbor’s black and bleak

and shrouds a small-boat lowered down.

Four men make the pulleys squeak

and “thud” of heavy chest resounds.


The oarsmen pull the boat upstream

deep along the riverside

and disembark as was their scheme

moving to the woods to hide.


Mornings light a mystery brings

as village folk fraught with fear

hear the news of Pirates landing

but their ship has disappeared,


A messenger is sent unseen

seeking British Naval support

but weeks will pass before Marine’s

arrive from that far-off port.


And posted on the foundry door

a demand for iron devices

tools, weapons, shackles and more

in trade for silver, a tempting price.


The coerced swap of iron

for silver, occurs, no Pirates seen.

Four thieves erect what they require

while iron-folk pray for Marines.


A King's cruiser of soldiers

disembark, but capture only three.

Ropes about their necks and shoulders

Pirates are hung hastily.


A fourth man, Thomas Veal by name

escapes deeper into the woods.

In a common cave he hides ashamed

earning his keep selling handmade goods.


But soon he meets a Pirate's fate

sealed inside his cave-like home

the earthquake of 1658

turns it into a dungeon tomb.


  • Michael Edwards

    Made me want to learn more of this - great poem MF

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