Brave New World


My world once was great

Now it’s run by the deep state

Land where by dreams were dashed

Soon there will be no middle class



Absolute rule without a face

Speak out They’ll put in your place

Complete control is what they forecast

On the backs of the working class



They do what they want, it matters not

The peoples voice is an afterthought

They want us to rent, while they want to own

Total dependence is what they enthrone



They try keep us on the plantation

With a diet of lies and manipulation

Keeping us in the dark is their objective

To keep us from forming our own collective



Welcome to the brave new world of the state

Governed by the policies they create

Enforced by the accord, your future is planned

Keep your mouth shut and follow the plan





  • lasergraph

    The steady march in that direction. Great write

  • Noquarter4

    Reagan said that if fascism ever came to America it would come in the form of LIBERALISM.

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