What’s the chance to find everlasting love,
Or to be able to believe what’s above
What’s the chance you’d find your best friends,
Would be your own descents
What’s the chance of finding happiness
In a world that can not sympathize
What’s the chance of being creative
If no one ever engages

What's the chance of hearing a voice within
A voice that has faith in you
What's the chance of giving your all
Knowing that out there a voice calls you too

if someone should hide a secret massage
is there a chance for them to catch it
if a longing heart should find new love
is there a chance for it to heal
if we believe in whats above
then there's a chance to find true love

If clouds can carry my heart
and cast this mind beyond
hope of quills alligning
can grow seeds of love and bonds

If a connection was made between you and I,
We could find a way for us all to write,
The perfect verse; what are words?
Words of love are a chance happening, random, no planning;
Poetry in the emotions shared between him and her.

words so special to be shared by all
is worth a chance to scrawl.


  • Accidental Poet

    Marvelous write from everyone. Thanks Lynda for bringing us all together for this. ; )

  • lyndalou

    Thanks, yes I really like it too :)

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