Just Another Love Poem

I haven't fell this hard for someone in a while,

But like the rain, my heart drops with her guile.

It drops with love, it drops with pain, 

The turbulence she bestows upon me, 

Enthralls me, addicts me, attaches me on a chain. 


Yeah I know how frustrating it can be! 

To even figure out if she's the one for me.

But here I go giving her the love she desperately needs.

So please God, tell me what you forsee!


Her bright eyes pour light out,

Over my rugged sea of loneliness.

And my weary vessel of essence draws to her hope,

Like it has no choice.


She's a beauty so great, 

That it dulls the rest of the world.

A beauty so awesome, 

I'm compelled to take off my sunglasses, 

So I can gaze upon it with my own two eyes. 


She makes my heart soar, 

Even yet, she's got me chained to the floor.

Reaching up and out, hopefully she pulls me up,

But her hand never comes...


She better be worth the loneliness,

I'm trying so hard to forget.

She's caused me nothing but stress.


But holy shit. 


I'm in love. 


  • Accidental Poet

    I love how you ended this write. So honest and to the point. ; )

    • mountainman999

      Thank you! To be completely honest with you, it's my favorite end to all my poems!

      • Accidental Poet

        Can't argue with that. ; )

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