Casualty of Words

His loaded words puncture my skull on impact,

Dismembered thoughts scatter, brain no longer intact,

a gaping wound bleeds out the last drops of my dignity,

Collapsed pride releases air, no words, humility, 

Pressure builds in the outer layers of my shame,

Self-loathing starts to swell as I accept the haemorrhage of blame,

He loads another word, aiming straight at my heart,

Pieces of regret fly as the flesh is blown apart, 

Pain radiates from my ruptured misery and grief, 

No medication could give me much needed emotion relief, 

Losing my balance I land in a pathetic heap,

Reaching for a lifeline but the wounds are fatally deep, 

He closes his mouth, weapon finally in the holster,

With my last breath I fire a round, clipping his shoulder,

He stumbles from the shock, clutching his wounded ego,

How could this monster once upon a time have been my hero?

A seizure racks my body, disappointment set it off,

Falling into a feelings-induced coma, at my stupidity I scoff...


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