Walking the Earth While Dead

If she wants you, she can have you.

Most men are shallow, falling for physical attraction.

First impression. 

I thirst for affection but I'm affected by bad genetics that define my value. 

If I was pretty, I could make you my man in a second. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder except that all men are interested in the same kind. 

There's no such thing as a type, some like big women, some like them skinny. 

But I'm petite and I'm friendly and they don't want me, they don't see me. 

People used to call me ugly all the time, wish I was at least average. 

I want to be loved by someone but no one wants to love me back. 




  • dusk arising

    There you go gal..... all men are the same! You said it - "except that all men are interested in the same kind".

    If that were true you might as well give up now. Funny that you dont hear men saying that about women though.... most men say they cant understand women because they know women like to hear that.
    Cliches cliches cliches....

    Love yourself hun, you know you're loveable and the more you act like it the more attractive you'll be.
    I do like the way you've written this piece though.

  • Candlewitch

    ....what they (the other comments) said... I completely agree with! and you have the art of the written word and it makes you lovely!

    I don't look like my sisters and mother condemned me for it. she always made me feel husband thinks I'm is just a concept.

    *hugs, Cat

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