Its Raskolnikov


Found in a puddle,

You try to save the day,

And you're given a look so subtle,

The leaf can't fly away,


Don't let it drown,

Help it breathe,

Cry when it frowns,

It's a leaf with the meaning of a tree,


Let it be one with the breeze,

Make it fly,

Just let it be free,

Just don't let it die,


Dance when it smiles,

Hold hands,

Maybe then you'll fly with it,

Make new plans,


And it flew away,

Sadly out of class,

The whole hour you worried about its pain,

You loved it,

You wanted it to feel the same,

That feeling would be wonderful,

You wanted to turn it green again,


The leaf blew away,

But it left its luggage,

And there it lay,

So you took it up to find the magnificent green,

That fell from the magnolia tree,

And it was looking rather sick and grey,

In the best of ways, 


You laid down its bag and thought fanciful dreams,

In your head raged a storm,

There it was to stay,

And looking up as she lay,

In the nurse's seat,

You thought, "I'll never forget how bright she smiled at me",


Not so long ago you had loved another,

It was a beautiful sin,

But your heart she smothered,

You had to keep going,

You had to wear a cover,

Hide the pain,

But now you found a new lover,

Someone to love for gain,

Someone to take to homecoming,

Someone to give your jacket to on windy days,

Someone to kiss in cold rains,

Someone to hold for strength,

That leaf will make you love again,



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