Joshua Harrison

Happily Ever After

The evil Step-Mum raises a hand,
Cinderella flinches.
She only fled the ball at midnight,
'Cause the Prince ain't got 8 inches.
Buttons only wants her love,
But she likes him as a friend.
Mama raised me on the fairytale,
But fairytales end.
After Charming's got the girl,
And their love becomes a marriage.
There's a baby on the way but,
There's no Pumpkin for a carriage.
Charming's found a mistress,
She makes him feel superb.
He wants all that he can have,
So Cinder's turned to the herb.
Charming's coming home late again,
'Cause he doesn't want what he can get.
She dreams and cries about the ball,
The one at which they met.
With pulsing bass and flowing booze,
She climbed the creaky stairs.
In a dress stolen from her sister,
Not that Cinder cares.
With a drunken wink she led him up,
Taking Charming to her tower.
With alcoholic sweat he stained her,
Like ink upon a flower.
Without a thought for life outside,
These four walls of pleasure.
She placed a pill upon her tongue;
Let Charming steal her treasure.
The night was young and neon bright,
As they staggered from her chamber.
Cinderella was now not as sweet,
From the sourness of that stranger.
The ball was not as romantic,
As the visions Cinderella had seen.
Oh she was living in a fairytale,
The fairytale of 2017.


  • dusk arising

    Fun with tragedy or vice versa. a clever idea nicely worked by you here.

  • MaddieJ

    This was really thought provoking.... Great write!

  • Seek

    A well crafted mix of sentiments!

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