killed myself

Ignore my long sleeves, it means something

it's 96 degrees, it means nothing

believe all my white little lies

don't pay attention to my dilated eyes

go ahead ask me to dance

see how long i last

eventually my legs will give out

rape me when i hit the fucking ground

give me some white little pills

my blood stream, my heart beat they're chilled

im in love with little white lines

every time i snort, a little part of me dies

one day i'll grow wings

and go deaf by demon screams

they'll lay me in the ground

and i'll sleep six feet down

mommy why are you crying?

don't you know i can hear you lying?

you never gave a flying fuck

don't cry your eyes out now that im gone

i hope you know what you did

up my body, dig

see all those pretty scars?

you didn't give a shit

oh? you want to take it back?

you wish you never said the things you did?

maybe you should have thought about it

it's a little to late don't you think?

I took that rope and i fucking jumped

i hit the water and my nose wasn't plugged

i went on a date with daddy's shotgun

you left all those pills on the counter

you should've known id down some

what's the big deal?

it's just a few bottles of aspirin

and when my little sister's see

its okay she's only sleeping

check for a pulse is it there?

call 911

it's not fair

fuck no its not fair

that nobody cared

'til sfter im done and its all carried out

why is it they're all noticing now?

i regret my decision, to late

Why couldn't i? i should've waited

listen to my songs, mom

im already dead, but i killed myself to the music.


  • HeartfullyFallen

    I really like this, my favorite thing about it was the repetition of the words "white little" in the beginning and how everytime it was used a little different. Also, I know it means nothing from some random chick on a poem site but if you even need you can message me 🙂

  • Mugsdaddy

    A deafening scream at all those who should have cared and fuck their own regrets. Very powerful.

  • Stella_Suicide


  • SorrowfullyHappy

    just remember someone does care

    • Stella_Suicide

      that's funny

      • SorrowfullyHappy

        but its no joke you are still the first friend ive ever had we grew up together

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