Falling Into Freedom

Still hear your voice echo
Through these city streets
Rain drops on the windows
Turn to steam in the heat

Still hear your voice calling
Through the changing winds
Last thoughts of the fallen
Turn memories into wings

Waiting for a saviour
In the moonlight
Ink dried on the paper
By the sunrise

Let this be a lesson
Never left behind
Falling into freedom
Released from ties that bind
You're falling into freedom
Forever in my mind.



  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Nice near and end rhyme (abab cdcd efef ghghgh) and predominate, trimeter acentual-syllabic meter. Your philosophical underpinning that nature is perfected by grace and hence, liberated (i.e. falling into freedom) is a message many are desperate for. Check sp "released" in your final stanza. Well done my friend.

  • Edthepoet

    Thank you Gary. I appreciate the depth of your feedback. Could you explain the first part of your comment in layman's terms for me?

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