Witches brew

She was cool didn't care

had a stoney cold stare

that went through any sight she'd behold

with a lick of her lips

and a shake of her hips

she transformed from copper to gold

in an instant she'd strike

have his head on a spike

how he savoured this bittersweet pain

and when done off the floor

she would open the door

send him out to get soaked in the rain

she had taken her fill

smoked a joint popped a pill

cast him off like he didn't exist

left alone with her head

she just curled up in bed

that's another one chalked off the list

in the morning she'd rise

to a massive surprise

he had waited all night for this bitch

but she gave him that look

that was all it had took

you don't mess with a hungover witch


  • lasergraph

    Haha, fun read.

    • tepo

      Thank you sir
      much appreciated

    • Santita

      This is great, Stevie!! The rhyme - the story You really have a unique way of telling stories! I absolutely love this!

      • tepo

        your a wee star Santita
        really appreciate your comments

      • Candlewitch

        hello tepo,

        a great fun read that flows beautifully!

        *hugs, Cat

        • tepo

          thank you
          much appreciated
          no offence intended to your sisters

        • Christina S

          Excellent poem! Sounds like a woman to steer clear from. I just love the structure and rhyme of your poems! They always tell a story. This was a GREAT one!! --Christina

          • tepo

            once again i thank you Christina
            fabulous comment to receive

          • tepo

            cheers Hood
            nice to meet you
            look forward to checking out your writing

          • nancy akbari

            Hi Tepo. Loved the poem and its unexpected ending. I sure hope you never had to deal with anyone like that hungover witch bitch!

          • tepo

            if i did, it was my own doing lol
            thanks Nancy
            greatly appreciated

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