A photo, a still moment in time.
Someone looking happy on their face.
Acting for the camera.
Really they could be going through a sad phase.

Famous women in magazines looking perfect.
Images that are not really real.
Made to look that way. 
People see the cover and lots of magazines are sold every day.

(C) Sarah Jackson Bennett 2017



  • lasergraph

    1st stop before any photo print is through Photoshop. Good write.

  • FredPeyer

    The first line says it all! Any photo is a reflection of that moment, and that moment only.
    Like your poem!

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Nice internal rhymes like rose buds to my senses; ah yeah "phase" and "face" - our joy tonight! Why not call it "Painting Portraits"? (Because you paint so well with words). Now I can retire for the night with a smile on my face; my heart content.

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