Walk Away

Thank you for making me stronger

I now have the courage to get up and walk away

From your lies

Which I truly believed in

Until I found out the truth

Who you really were

A hungry grabbing opportunist

Hurting anyone who got in your way

I knew deep down inside that it wouldn’t stop

Not until you were completely satisfied

But no more

I am no longer your victim

In this sick mind game of yours

Walking away from everything I’ve ever known

Is the hardest thing I’ve ever done

But I know with time

I’ll get better

With each step

I’ll strive to get stronger

Away from a person like you

The one who turned my world upside down

Gracefully God gave me the best gift of all


With them I’ll use to it

To walk away from you

That’s right

Walk away

Now there is nothing you can do to me

I have been saved

By an angel

Who told me

That I am

strong, courageous, and beautiful

From the inside out

No matter how much

I doubt myself on the way I look

Thanks to your comments

Growing up

I still can remember

All those time

You said, “You have the most digesting hygiene.”

Guess what?

I’ve made it

Everyone seems to love me

For the real me

Not by someone who claimed they love me

When in fact they hardly knew who I was

Should have listened to God sooner

When he whispered, “Child, walk away it’ll benefit you in the end.”

Took me years to finally get the message

But now that I have

It’s the best feeling in the world

Words can’t express the way I feel on the inside

More happiness than I’ve ever experienced

When I was with you

So, in the end,

Here is my message to anyone

Hurting, feeling betrayed, and unloved

Your best solution

Is to walk away

Look to what it did to me

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