The 2 A.M Writer

Bad Dream

Losing my marbles, melting eyes

Burn like a candle, wax skin

Losing air and inflating simultaneously

 Everything so very paper thin

Heart dying, why is it dying?

I'm not here, I'm not near

No noise and screeching dreams

How long till the vision clears?


(All over

All over the porch in fact

It's everywhere, Jesus fucking Christ

God why, shit.)






    • Santita

      Yes I am curious too...what happened?

      • The 2 A.M Writer

        It's a poem about having a bad dream, or losing your mind, with possible nods to personal events.

      • Mugsdaddy

        Intriguing, but I left with the question, what's all over the porch? Blood? Vomit? Sex slime?... Soup?

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