Maturin's Plea (Fan-Fiction Idea for IT)*** Potential story spoilers related to the book

Quiet, eerie town of Derry

Very tainted,  clearly fearful

Tearful for the death that's to come,

But come what may, you will stay put


And look! Among the sewers there,

A red-haired nemesis that feasts

On deceased children, born of fear

IT hears their thoughts and intervenes


Their screams will just invigorate,

Stimulate the sinister

Mister Robert Gray's appetite,

Incite his hunger for their flesh


There is a way where there's a will

So Bill, take up my timeworn shell

Please end this hell once and for all

Heed my call, remove IT's taint


The tainted will at once be quaint

If you succeed this ghastly deed

But if you fail, do not prevail,

IT's storm will pour, flooding ensue


And, to quote the clown, "you'll float, too."




  • LittleGift

    A great tribute to the story “IT”
    Slightly creepy feel to it which I expected. Ending with the classic line too !

    Loved it


  • Terthas

    xD I actually don't like this poem lol, just reaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to write something relevant to the movie because it inspired me so much when I watched it! I guess I've got a dark side. :P

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