My Angel and Lucifer


Dear whoever wants to open their eyes
Hello to anyone who hears my calls
Good day to those who recognize my cries
And hi to the people who have the balls

Can no one see Im utterly distraught?
It amazes me how empty I am
Has human kindness been discussed or taught?
Or do people believe my pain is scam

I sit in utter darkness and I see everything. Without light, I see every mistake I've made. I do not remember the last time I didn't regret something. I miss her. I miss the warm, comfortable and loving feeling I felt with her.

Am I that complex and misunderstood?
She can't be the only one who gets me
Maybe no one gets me, I mean, who could?
Even X-rays can't see past misery

Those nights, those soft touches. You let me free of my forsaken walls of servitude and sorrow. I listened to you, I understood that I wasn't the only one who felt this way. With every hug and tear , we grew. Our hearts intertwined, a brother and sister who would be side by side as they entered the gates of Freedom. Freedom from despair, from the heartbreaks and failures in trust.

She took my hands, and with it I took her
We marched towards an escape from it all
The depression, the pain, we pushed further
We saw the light, our walls began to fall.

But like so many times, it was too late. I am no religious man, but I know Lucifer so well. He unleashed his full power upon us. Sabotage, endless chaos and a sorrow of a thousand mourners. We held on, she gripped me tightly until it was too much. Time stopped, she had enough, she let go. And with it, I lost her.

I see her everyday, in mind and flesh
My fallen angel controls her own hell
Our love has lost all of its synchromesh
We now float the River Styx, none can tell

No one understands my pain and suffer
Unless they're my angel or Lucifer

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