Confused kid

The key

There is a place only princesses dance
A gathering of royals, a place commoners cannot find
A tower so high, its view makes the world look small
This special place is only for the truly blessed

Do not be confused, it isn't for those with a silver spoon
Or for the pompous, who think everyone is inferior
Its not a place riches can buy or affluence can shake
Its a special place with a single door

The gate keeper holds the only key
So many adventurers try to outsmart and thieves try to sneak past
But rules are rules and entrance is only given to the chosen
So powerless as they are turned away, its sad to have to walk away

There is no invitation, just an open application
Some leave because they believe its not worth the effort
But I believe this place is meant for me, entrance will bless my heart
So I bow my head before the gatekeeper, please give the key her heart

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