Three Bones

They say

you need but three bones

in this life


A wishbone

a backbone

and a funny bone


So what happens

when one of these bones snaps?



with a broken wishbone

lose hope of a tomorrow

become a shell without a dream

losing purpose

of this life



with a broken backbone

see their self esteem

dwindle away to nothing

sometimes even

less than nothing

the words hurled at them

burning straight through their skin

and hitting their mark at the heart



with a broken funny bone

have a sad, angry soul

a face that doesn’t know how to smile

and eyes that have lost their glow



consigned to oblivion


They have forgotten

how much potential

a simple upturned lip

can have.


  • Mugsdaddy

    You have a great talent. Kudos.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Baylee.

  • FredPeyer

    Nicole, you keep on surprising me with better and better poems. You really are a great writer! Great imagination, beautiful writing, and I do like that last stanza!

  • Baylee

    Thank you very much

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