Because I love Her

Because I love her,
I can't get her out of my head.
Because I think of her,
There's a lonely road I tred.

With no common words to express,
My head that is this mess,
All I can do is smile,
And never go the extra mile.

To say "I love you"
Would cause a rift.
So I'll stay here and take the view,
From an ocean in which I sit adrift.

Please, can someone please tell me,
Why it is that I feel this way?
Am I strange and unordinary
Can't someone hear my plea?

I was taught that being gay,
Has never been the right way.
But I was also taught to make my own path,
So does this mean that this feeling can stay?

Every time I see her
I think of a chocolate brown puppy
With wide eyes of stars
And an irresistible smile

In my time, I'm with her.
The dream is everything,
My reality is her laughter,
And her sweet, sweet comfort.

I remember a sticker on my shoulder,
A not so smooth move.
May Our Days be fun,
As long as we spend time together.

I await a seemingly far away date,
When I can get my answer.
But because I love her,
I must never clean this slate.


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