Somebody save my soul from being wasted because I'm almost at the edge, almost insane, always suicidal. 

Someone revive my childhood and give me the pure mind I had before I was exposed to the corrupted world and it's devil-filled citizens. 

Somebody save me because I'm drowning in my own sorrows, my own introvert reserved self. 

I'm so lonely. 

Somebody hold my hand because I'm afraid to explore, I'm afraid to dance, I'm afraid to take a chance, I'm afraid to be free. 

What do you think of me?

Probably nothing at all. 

Somebody please give a fuck or two about me because I'm broke, I'm starving for some type of connection. 

Some kind of compassion. 

Somebody force me to stay close to them. 

Somebody hold my hand. 

I just want to be loved but more importantly, I want to love myself so I can love you. 

Somebody give me a reason why I should be happy to be me. 


  • dusk arising

    Why should somebody help you? Answer that and you'll realise you dont need anybody elses help.

  • FredPeyer

    Lana, we hear you loud and clear!
    Your writing says it all. The main reason why you should be happy to be you is you. You are unique, you are a great writer, your writing shows you have compassion. Three reasons already to be happy.

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