The Demons Chokehold

My head is spinning
I cannot seem to gain control,
These demons inside me are winning
I have a story, one that needs to be told,
But I cannot break free from this thing 
I call "The Demon's Chokehold",
I try with all my might
To release myself from their hold,
But I am far too weak to fight,
My eyes slowly close as I feel my lungs start to fold,
Being held by these demons my body is no longer warm,
It's becoming limp as I become cold,
Although I tried to break free,
the demon's grip is too strong,
They've got a complete hold on me,
My voice is no longer there,
I'm disappearing in thin air,
I have a story that now cannot be told,
For I am no longer human
But a statue of mold.


  • jarcher54

    This must have been hard to post, your sense of being on the edge of tragedy and ruin is so palpable. What a journey in these almost four years. Don't be a stranger young lady.

    • StephanieAnn

      I promise to be more active here as I'm really enjoying this site and the company it keeps. Thank you so much for the support and the continuous positive vibes!

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