Deppresion,deppresion you don't know where to go. Destroying your directions.
I guess you'll never know.
Perfection,perfection it's all you strive to be. It has become a obsession. Your destroying your self,don't you see?
Discretion,discretion,you should pull down your sleeves. you've hidden your confessions. Now,who might you be?
Mirror,mirror on the wall who should we blame? Who should take the fall?
Mirror,mirror please tell me now.
Does anyone want me? I've no purpose, I've no skills. Excuse me please,I need to grab some pills.
My heart is black,yet someone stole it. Forgive me my love,I must leave with a bullet. Someone,anyone help me please. I'm crying, I'm screaming. I'll escape when no one see's.

Depression is the guy from high school that you run into on the streets after praying you'd never see him again.
Depression is the girl you dated in elementary school that broke your heart for the first time.
Depression is you mom when she works late at night.
Depression is your boss.
You never want to see him, you hate being under his authority and being controlled by him, but you see him everyday anyway.
Depression is your controller.
He doesn't go away, sometimes weakens...but is always in control whether you want him to be or not.
Depression is a bitch.

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