Could You Love

I find myself staring at your face I cannot look away I've been here for A Thousand Years or is it just a day
I don't think you can see me I'm really not your type no Fancy Shoes No designer names I just don't buy that hype
Could you look inside of me beyond the frills and fluff a loving heart and good intentions will that be enough

Chaos Theory has its price,
a torrent of thoughts and ideas in a mind
things going every which way.
this half makes him, so dose the other
bouncing to and fro,
colliding with each other in competition to be what is shown.
so many faces to one human being
will someone see them all?
will one be able to comprehend the madness that lies right behind the eyes?
adaptable to every situation, no one single identity.
Chaos Theory has its price
will anyone venture forth for this lost soul?

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