Confused kid


These waters never cross, they are at war
A battlefield that's a literal watery grave
Bow your head or suffer poisideon's wrath
Everyone brace yourself as we enter the storm!!!

The generals strategically attack with waves
All in a vicious effort, to lunch a powerful attack
But what is war, without powerful resistance
The enemy general retaliates with an even bigger wave

The clash hits and causes a moment of calm
Like both parties have reached a compromise and relinquished their arms
But like everything the longer the peace, the larger the next conflict
Then the skies are dark and earth is trembling from a battle of supremacy

Like the battle of good and evil, the upper hand is short lived
As the sails fling, the mast shakes and the wind blows harder
The Calm is ready to scatter, watch mother nature flunt her power
What a spectacle only few can see, welcome to the view of a sailor at sea

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