I've Heard

I’ve heard that you been missing me

After all these years

You haven’t changed one bit

Your still hateful because

I left you for a better chance

To live life on my own terms

I’ve heard that you been trying to call me

Guess I am important now

Should have treated me better

When I still wanted to be in your life

Now that I’ve been gone for so long

I don’t want you anymore

I’ve heard your still hoping I’ll come back around

You wish

After all the things, you done to me

Not worth a second chance

Due to things in the past

Can’t sit here and watch you

Walk all over me

Like I am nobody

Those days are history

I’ve heard that you turned down a marriage

For what?

To see if I feel any guilt

Guess what honey,

I don’t feel any

Matter of fact

I was happy to hear

Such wonderful news

Finally, you found someone

Who can make you happy

So that I won’t have to be bother

Be your presence

Guess your new lover found out who you really were

Nothing more than a crazy lunatic

Who was thirsty for money

When will you ever learn

That you can’t love somebody because of money

In the end, you end up getting hurt

While the other person ends up laughing in your face

Now that you have experience what you have done to me

How does it feel?


Nothing compared to all the years I wasted on somebody like you

I’ve heard that you matured over the years

Still haven’t seen it with my own eyes

So, I am still doubtful about it

Whenever somebody tells me this

Even if it’s true

I’ll still never come back to you

So please for God sake

Leave me the hell alone

Don’t you get it

Your called, an Ex for a reason

I’ve heard that you weren’t happy when somebody said I got married

Yes, I did and I am happier than ever

My life is much better with her than with you

She is my everything

And I will do anything to protect

Our relationship

So, do yourself a favor

And walk out


  • Poem Goals

    I love this poem and it's connection, poem to world, as this poem shows a very, very strong social issue, keep it going man!

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