Nyoko_beautiful moon

True poem : of two friends

On a hot afternoon we became close 

Talking about stuff that doesn't make sense 

Tell our secrets to each other being the best of friends 

Until our fun and happy relationship hit a tragic end 

My lost friend stop talk to me and disappeared out of nowhere 

Looked at my messages  but didn't respond 

I felt like a fool and thought I was falling out of the sky

As my lost best friend pushed me off the cliff

I cried.... I cried myself to sleep wondering if my lost best friend  was okay ... 

Didn't ask for nothing more nothing less .... just talk to me 

My hope was too high... And it didn't happen

Didn't know how to handle the pain or feeling that much hurt

My lost best friend told me to leave her alone 

I was afraid  and cried

Rejected as the word swallowed down my throat

Didn't know what to say or anything 

Bam! Blocked me 

But I still come back maybe  because I didn't have  a real answer I thought 

Still don't talk

dont know what to say 

I don't even think she has my phone number anymore 

But I hope and  get the message and stop trying ...

To dream about the thing I wish most for her to be my friend 

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