If your wandering who I'm pissed at well I'm pissed at all of you. Thank you for not reading my poem about terrorist because of my God damn tittle. If you don't want to listen well excuse me Mr. Perfect you can go on to YouTube where hafe of your life is already wasted. TERRORISTS AREN'T THE PROBLEM the animals are a problem, the pollution is a probem, Donald trump is a problem, magazines are a problem.



let me ask you something, how many labels do you got? Cause I probably got well about 20 or more. I got anxiety, depression, Staright, slut, apparently I'm skinny but I'm pretty sure I'm fat, im mixed of black and white, I'm believe in angels, and God and bad spirits and good, I guess you can say I am rich I guess I get what I want well not really cause what I really want is the world to see things like a eagle in the sky, I'm pretty damn sure I'm a loser cause I never gotten straight A' s, im probably boring to everyone around me, breast cancer I'm pretty sure I have this but I'm scared to go to the hospital to get it checked, Agoraphobia, etiology I'm pretty positive I got this cause my body looks like a beast, narcissistic personality disorder, stage fright, avoidant personality disorder , your probably saying something is wrong him her well yes there's something wrong with me but there's also something wrong with each and every one of you. WHY DO WE NEED LABELS. IS IT FUN TO LABEL SOMEONE WE HAVE OR HAVEN'T MEANT? 



what in the hell does perfect even mean. Well I'm the dictionary it says "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. If you are confused it basically means does everything correctly, never makes mistakes if you ask tearani C what DOES it me she/ he would say "there's no meaning to the word, just of make believe. And of all the questions in the world well what does perfect mean"?




sorry to tell you hafe of those commercials aren't true they all just want you to buy and spend spend, I walked into a make up place cause I thought I was ugly so I asked a last 'what do i put on my face" the lady said with a smile "you don't need anything on your face your skin is beautiful" now I was thinking what that last said. If that was true why do I feel like it's not. But than I realize it's fucking society fault. Make up may cover up your scars for awhile but that won't last your scars from the past will last, and last. Sorry to say that slim fast ain't working you won't get slim by not working. Being skinny does not mean your cute, hot, or the shit you may think it does well the truth is it dosen't I should know cause I'm labeled skinny and I still feel worthless but not for long cause I been in that dark damn tunnel far to long it's time for me and each every one of you to find out eat out to get to the street lights.



I can't believe Donald trump is are fucking President history is repeating again, and again and if we don't end this, the world will simply come to an end. Why do we focus on aliens we should be exploring our beautiful ocean filled with wonderful animals. But were too busy focusing on a next planet to move on. Now lets talk about school's do you recognize this letters A' s, B's, C's, D's and F' s a letter that means nothing in our near future. The school spirit not helping just take that shit away.

When I look into my reflection i see me and true beauty now labels across my mirror just me and the beautiful girl staring back at me. I feel you boys it's hard to fit in when girls want to go after them "bad boys" I understand you LBGT community you feel like there is no where to hide and you are not safe. I'M SO SO SORRY terrorists for labeling you instead of trying to understanding you. I am really sorry to North Korea for leaving in a shitty land, full of idoits who just don't understand. Fight in back ain't doing shit shot it just causing war remember that cause and effect worksheet you got yeah you probably understand those words really well by now. I'M SORRY RAPE VICTIMS OUT THERE cause everyone thinks it's your fault. I'M SORRY TO THE KIDS AND ADULTS WITH CANCER I had a love who had cancer and defeat that beast like a boss and I know damn well you can do it too, I'm sorry to everyone out in there world that have to live under this mess.

SO SOCIETY Im sorry but YOUR STUPID LABELS don't exist. They only exist if you think they do

Cause I say

" you can aim low and miss, you can aim high and miss in order to get it through the goal you need to give it all your best" ~ nikita 

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  • Published: September 23rd, 2017 19:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: Watch the video please than maybe you can read my poem and understand me.
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