Friends with the shadow.

Friends with the monster, the part that needs managing,
the shadow, the darkness, the part I kept banishing.
I used to project her with mental cross-bows
now we sit alongside one another and write songs,
we even paint pictures of things that seem wrong
but have deeper meanings, the symbolism is strong.
Together we make three... mind-soul and body, now
hanging with my shadow to create is my favourite hobby
because I thought the darkness got me until I realised I
created the Devil with everything in me I perceived as wrong
all along ''he'' was created with the psyche to the outer-world,
as within so without, no doubt...
All of me is me and always will be eternally
but me doesn't seem real, product of the ego? maybe.
I don't want to be saved by something externally,
I want to evolve and become more conscious daily.
Friends with the shadow, together we grow less painfully.

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