𝑅🍑𝒷𝒾𝓃 𝑅𝑒𝒷𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽

Red Moon Stars *°• Dodge Viper •°*”˜.

R Red moon just plain people needing the silver love spoon
E Energy trembles hearts race like the Dodge Viper
D Devil red bloody moons Aquarius Dodge of technology
M The moon of darkness dissolves to melt like lava "Hot Diva"
O Orderly overindulgence the moon at a comfortable rhythm
O Out of touch slowly getting back to your body
N New Age but the blood moon Sabbat Samhain mourn
S Shift of energy simplicity strengthens your existence
T Truly love for family the moons makes a celebration
A- Able so articulate touch the moon lover fate
R Robin bird flies manifest to everything possible
S Sensible and Round face practical disc of the moon
C Circle of light sacred chalice not to be malice
A Amorous depth of feeling Moon love key luxury
R Rituals turns to purity racing minds of sanity
V Vampires blood moon lessons to be learned
I Ingenious Free yourself from anger all love inked
P Patience is a virtue Moon true blue
E Ecstasy the moon turns on celebration of love
R Recollection of moon poems time to be Reborn
S Sensational Venus love and cars Red Valentine moon
I can't wait to come home soon that was a trip my moon.
*°• Dodge Viper •°*”˜. zoomed off to the Red Moon

BLUE ~ over you
LOVING You is all I do
UP YOU ~ I always feel complete
EVERY INCH ~ top of my head down to my feet
MAKE me Happy
ONCE AGAIN ~ no strain
OPEN UP for me ~ O please do
Never Happy unless I am deep inside You !
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