David Hilburn

Does Heathen Meet Tear\\\'s With Sense?

Places to wishrnPaces to watchrnPasses to witnessrnPassion to whichrnrnSometimes even the guarantee of us...rnHas a low feeling, made from the sorrowrnIf to us, and the accord in history's dust...?rnWorth one more lip to borrow...rnrnWith panic...rnComes the dissuasion of understood uneasernTell a tale of my hands? if not the legend of terror for intrusion, fickle?rnTo swear at the doors we accept, as a life in reasons...rnrnYounger, and younger still...rnThe proper face in the dizziness we seernFor opportune fear, and the simplicity of quiet, willrnIf the pleasure of dismay's needs, is to address a pining...rnrnPin's and needles, so formidable an opponentrnScared eyes, roaming stirs of finger's and the nature of electrnSeldom do we see anything but, the courage of honor relentrnIn the years going by, for assumption and deed, to reflect...rnrnUpon a bird so alone, that unction was a cluernTo the shares of unique weal, in the image of good intentrnThe marriage of yet another guarantee of salt, to exudernIs a rising habit, in the name of duress, to admit?rnrnHinder the stone, for the marvel of sincerity to spice?rnSweeten the broth of vice, for another bird of open discuss?rnAche for solace to learn a made bedlam of afar, the nature of lie's?rnWhere is the moon when you need one, the power in all of us?rnrnHope one more time, knee's and monster's of the mindrnAppropriate to seem, seen with a presence for hidden duesrnThe tale of suggestion and the many of ubiquitous treasure, in timernIs a half eaten sandwich the moment until another heed has their who've?rnrnSick, isn't it, with a marvel for conscience of a silent reproach?rnOf dismal futures, taken for granted as a logic in the threatrnOf a soul with no heaven to call a marriage of knowingrnTruth's in the smile we fade with, a host of drama in the heatrnrn

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