Four Robes of Christ

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Before Robes of Christ the beauty of their Beholder the Roman soldier who looked upon the face of God beneath his feet nailed before him they platted the crown of thorns placing a purple robe of a great king a conqueror of all eternity the author of Heaven given among men
the soldiers gambled in four parts they could not wear the coat of a priest the blue robe of heaven for they wore of Darkness black in the rays of sin
For God has made himself the Gap upon a tree one day would bring life
Christ took upon himself the black Robe to give you a robe of righteousness through death upon the cross the Eternal Bridge
Of Salvation
The Four Robes of Eternity held in the balance Destination of Eternal Love
The four Robes ,elements unseen by the way of heaven and Earth
The Colors of death and life the ending to our begining
Purple to scarlet Blue to white earth and heaven now reside as one a Glorious Testemony
He was high and lifted up his train filled the heavens sending Victory a love Conquers all
Will you praise before the coming Manifestion the promises of Abundance light full of Raidence
The Plan set in Motion ...
The Four Robes of Christ The Father of life
What Robe shall we put on.. The Robe of this world or the Robe of his..
The Four Robes of Christ
By CindyHClark

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