Midnight Confessions by: Santita & eddy styx

Midnight Confessions
by: Santita & eddy styx

The crisp morning light peers through large pine trees
In this forest there's a man that catches my eye
He owns a subtle charm as he strides my way
Though my instincts say I should let him pass by
she's as lovely as a flower
coming my way,
we meet under the shady bower.
I nod and tip my hat
stepping up,
to block her path.
"stay a moment"
I say
dear lady,
"to pass the day"
she pauses in her walk
I take her arm
as we talk.
then the chloroform
to her face,
scooping her up
to get her to my place
in the woods so deep
for not long
will she stay asleep
An unbearably loud throb pounds in my clouded head
Unable to move; I must be tied & stripped down
Panic envelopes me I am not alone in this place
Someone is here I sense him & his eagerness around

delicate damsel,
long have I watched you
from the dark
of the hedge,
brushing your hair
on your balcony hedge.
at a distance,
you, I have followed
to learn your ways
I have dogged you
for days.
now I have you,
here and alone
with nothing to disturb
not even a phone!

My bound body begins to tremble with staggering fear
This handsome & terrifying stranger looms right over me
I can feel his ravenous desire burning in the air
In his sinister eyes there is a salacious hunger I see

I see she is awake
her eyes wide open,
her breathing turned shallow.
soon, lust to slake
but first,
I take my time
as it quickly passes
I feel her fear
(like so many lasses)
so sublime
drawing it out
like a blade
it is a balm
thick in the evening air
now my tools
to prepare:
fine bladed knife
not for
taking her life,
but to
carve fine art
on her chest,
each exposed
tender breast.
is this a dream?
she'll take my test
how long...
'til she will scream?!

His sharp shining blade glides across my bare chest
I hold my fearful breath as he grips my shaking thigh
I become mesmerized by the dark crimson droplets  
& from my parted lips escapes a soft lustful sigh

what's this...
on her lips
but a seductive smile!
and her hips
rise and fall
the knife slips
from my hand
it clatters on the tile.
her eyes are enchanting
I feel myself falling
under her spell.
I found her
for pleasure
she was my next kill,
but my mind,
it has been altered
as a woman,
she gives me a thrill
of sexual desire.
I unchain the bonds
part her legs,
and slip into her fire!


  • orchidee

    What's going on here?! heehee. And what would I know about it?! Swoon!

    • Candlewitch

      thanks for commenting, O.

      ever, eddy

    • FredPeyer

      This is not an 18+, this is a 70+!
      Each one of you is an incredible writer, but together you are awesome!

      • Candlewitch

        dear Fred,

        thank you so very much for your evaluation 🙂 it is greatly appreciated by both of us!

        ever, eddy

      • Simple-Man87

        Whoa. You guys... Whoa. This was amazing. I was literally at the edge of my seat. My imagination played every scene as if I was watching a movie. Very well done.

        • Candlewitch

          hello Simple-Man,

          what I fine, fine compliment to give!!! it was a fun write and we both enjoyed doing it 🙂

          ever, eddy

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Ohhhhhhhhhh EDDY ~ I'll forgive you. You set out to ravage and sacrifice the Beautiful Santita and MPS would have lost its finest treasure. BUT ~ just like she has captivated us all ~ no Man could resist her enchanting eyes ~ her seductive lips ~ her rhythmic pulsating hips drawing you towards her throbbing Mound of Venus. EDDY Your blood thirst was defeated and replaced by the LUST which SHE desired to drain you of your Erotic Energy for HER PLEASURE ! You did what any REAL MAN would have done ! You dropped your CHOPPER and instead of dismembering Her you fully satisfied her with your PORK SWORD instead ! When you came and lay exhausted & defeated she stood naked and triumphant over you and anointed you with her precious HONEY ! Thanks for caring Love & Hugs & Kisses for CAT & SANTI XOXOX and a BOOOOOOO for EDDY ~ BRIAN El Hombre D'ORO

          • Candlewitch

            dear Brian,

            LOL! your exuberance gives me wings...what a delicious comment and understanding of this poem...YOU NAILED IT!!!

            ever, eddy

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS CAT ~ I love SANTI and the EDDY / SANTI collabs always raise my LIBIDO but he got His cum~uppance this time and she annointed him with her Love Honey ! More please ~ love it when SANTI cums out on TOP ~ more please ~ LOVE YOU BOTH ~ Lots & Lots ~ BRIAN XOXOX

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            • Christina8

              Wow, you guys work really well together...great twist at the end! Perfect chemistry! 5 stars! Again, really well done!

              • Candlewitch

                thank you Christina! very generous of you! happy to please...

                ever, eddy

              • Goldfinch60

                This is a wonderful write, it pulled me into it from the first line. Has eddy got his comeuppance?
                This goes into favourites!

                • Candlewitch

                  dear Goldfinch,

                  Santita is a wonderful poet, she took the lead and I followed in a dance of words!!! thank you so very much and for favoriting 🙂

                  ever, eddy

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