Emile Dubois


In the great scheme of things

And at the essence of 'I am'

Love is all we have

For what else derives from this existence?

But how we're touched in our hearts by another presence

Be that beast or man

Love crosses all boundaries until barriers are no more

We eventually succumb to its great power

Our strength sometimes battles against the inevitable

Yet in all these journeys it's love that gives us everything

Everything we may need know of heaven 

Everything that is pure



  • Christina8

    Great poem! I think we get a little slice of heaven when we experience true love. Like you say in your last two lines. Finally, "everything that is pure". Awesome.

  • Louis Gibbs

    "Love is all we have" ... "Everything we need to know of heaven" ... sums it up beautifully! What else need be said? Fine poem, Emile.

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