All Angels On Deck

Written By: Shaniki Smith

Written Date September 9, 2017

Title: All Angels On Deck


All Angels On Deck

I'am calling all angels on deck

Please protect and shield us from are enemies

For their past difference and  mis informed education has lead them to destruction

I swear there ways are so mean and evil

You would of  thought they  had a learning mental disability

So cold so cold

How man on earth misleading teachings

Can lead us to war

Can lead us to lie

Can lead us steal

Can lead us to misuse power and authority

Can lead us to destroy one another

I'm calling all Angels on deck before the blood spills

Cruel intentions is a problem in life

Doing stuff purposely when you should know  right from wrong

Calling all angels on deck

before the blood spills

To many coffins begin prepared by the minute

Not often life's begin saved

Man's greed for money

Waiting to cash that insurance check

instead of valuing a person's life.

Angel friends on deck take my advice the world made them  to be so cold  so cold and lead them to deaf

Angel teach them to save lives

not destroy a life

Save lives

Not destroy a life

I'am calling all Angels on deck

before the blood spills

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