Loving you

is like loving the humid July air

just before a storm


With each passing day

the air grows heavier

and hotter


It builds up until the moment

I don't think you can take anymore

I want to go inside

hide from the humidity, 

and cool down



the rain begins to fall 

and it is more refreshing 

than the light after the dark

it is more beautiful 

than the way the sky spits stars

on a perfect night


I thought the 

air might get heavy enough

to make the sky fall


Instead, it rains

it pours down from heaven 

in the most beautiful way

I want nothing more than to dance in it


Before it stops

and the cycle of humidity 

that comes before a summer storm

starts again




  • Christina8

    I really like this poem. If I hadn't read the authors notes, I wouldn't have known it had anything to do with anger. To me, it just had to do with the "dance" of love. And you did a great job!

    • Syd

      I'm so glad you could interpret it in your own way! Thank you so much :)

    • wordseven7

      Good poem.

      • Syd


      • Jo Middleton

        Felt I could relate to this one.. and I love how nature was beautifully tied into the emotions.
        Good work!

        • Syd

          Thanks so much, it means a lot.

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