Samreen Chowdhury

Two lost souls

I remember the moments were I cried because of your absence,but now I glance at the mirror and my reflection bounces back at me because I'm forgetting who I am and slowly I'm dispatched as a blur. I'm the person who held your hands (interlocked)walked through the long distance of paths,it was so beautiful the way we was involved and transcribed in each others paths
My soul couldn't take the times your soul distanced away for a long time,and all those tears they were for a reason. All the times we partied when we came forward into another year of our irresistible bond,watching you grow your beautiful features as your age in reality increases, all I wanted was you,all the promises you've made and all the promises I've made,do they still exist?

Everyone got involved,everything got involved,we was in peace.
We was so close,I felt the warmness even when there was the slightest of frost. You took care of me and raised me to be strong,now your not in my presence and it's all stopped,and my smile is not the same.
nothing relates to the closeness between us,even in the hugest distances our hearts were close and the connection was a thread that kept us going through the storms of the days.

Right now we're just simply lost and I hope you return one day because I believe in hope and I'll never forget your promises


  • WL Schuett

    A poem filled with longing and questions , I like the unstructured prose and pace , needs a little refinement, but a good poem

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