Stereotypical Woman

If one does not have long hair or plump thighs she is not classified as the "woman of his dreams".

She who is more altitudinous than your average woman is usually unwanted.

If ones teeth are rotten or if ones odor is rotten she is usually shunned upon by many men.

If one does not smell of the scent of sweet peas, she is usually accused of not using soap and water, If she is not pretty by the face or rounded by the waist its held against her.

BUT if she is "too rounded in the waste" its considered "unattractive".

Lets not get into a woman being comfortable in her own skin, because she whose comfortable in her own skin is considered conceited and boujee.

If she's a well known female with lots of guy associates you already know she is for sure getting insulted EVERY minute of the day.

Best believe it, if she is "the woman of his dreams" she's wanted by everyone and she has every ones attention but she gives very little.

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