Till' Death Do Us Part

McKinsey Rose Lynn

She sat there on her knees, with tears running down her cheeks. With her hands planted in the dirt, she prayed to God. But God couldn't save her from the evil spirit that arose at her own fault. 
   The blood seeping from her hands began to dry, she stared at them with confusion. She slowly looked upon a guys lifeless body, frightened. She stood up from her knees, now hovering over his body. "What have I done?" She whispered to herself. 
   The bleeding from his head formed a puddle around her feet. She screamed, and ran back to her house. She couldn't remember anything from that morning, let alone who she was. Who am I? Where am I? Did I really kill that guy? Her mind was boggled. Help me! Her brain screamed.
   Inside the house she saw it was trashed. Furniture fallen on the floor, pictures shattered. She picked up a picture and stared at it for a moment. It was her and the dead guy. She now knew that he was her husband. Tears ran down her face, as the picture slipped slowly out of her hand onto the floor. The glass shattered into pieces onto the carpet, hidden by other pieces of dismembered picture frames. She fell to her knees, and began to sob. Startled by a loud crash, she opened her eyes, a handsome man stood in front of her. Speechless she stood up, and cried out to him, glass crunch in underneath her shoe.
  "Help me please, my husbands dead. And I think I killed him.." She rambled.He raised his right hand, motioning her to stop. "I came here to offer you a bargain per say. If you agree, you get to see your husband again and regain all lost memories. But if you refuse.You walk out of here with no memories of your life. But either way I get your soul." The man replied, lowering his right hand. "Who are you? What do I have to do?" Her words spilled out into slurs. 
   "I'm the devil honey, and you just have to come over here and kiss me on the lips." He said, taking a step forward. She lost her balance, and landed on the floor. The glass digging into her back, causing pain. The devil bent down, and now face to face she panicked. "The devil? You sure don't look like him." She spoke, winching. The devil laughed. "Stupid girl. I can do anything I want, even take your soul to devour." He said planting a strong hand onto her shoulder, pushing her into the glass. Punturing her skin, blood seeped onto the glass. "Fine! I'll do it. I'll do it." She screamed in pain. He leaned down and kissed her lips. All her memories came flooding back, her husband stood in front of her reaching for her hand. She took it, smiling. They walked together hand in hand towards a red brass gate. The gate opened up, and fire flowed towards them. Standing in the fire, stood the devil. The same man, who offered her life back. Her husband turned to her, she gasped and dropped his hand. His head was bashed in, blood caked on the side of his face. "You said you would give me my life back!" She yelled at the devil, crying. "I did no such thing. I offered you, your memories and to see your husband again. I said nothing about your life." His eyes burned firey red as he stared at her. She tried to drop to her knees, but her husband. No he was no longer her husband, but the devils messenger. Squeezed her hand, not letting her drop. "You did this to me. Like I did that stuff to you. Now we both burn in hell." He said dragging her towards the gate. She tried to get away, remembering all those times he dragged her into their bedroom and had his way with her without her consent. All those times he shoved her into the stove, burning her hand. She didnt deserve this. She looked up at the fire before her, and stared at the devil. "You chose wrong didn't you? I gave you a choice." His voice boomed louder than a speaker. Her eyes widened as the gates opened more, revieling burning corpses. Their souls screaming reached her ears, making them bleed. She failed trying to escape, now she never will. She closed her eyes and screamed as the gate closed, trapping her behind it. In the distance she herd her husbands laughter. "Theres no escaping now." 

  • Author: McKinsey (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 1st, 2017 10:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: We all have our personal hell.. Mine is different then my characters. Yours is different than mine. We all fight demons. And we all lose the battle one day. Interpit this as you wish, leave your thoughts please. All opinions welcomed.
  • Category: Short story
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